Work With Us

Work With Us

Helping Non-Fiction Authors with Purpose go from Self-Doubt to Inspiring Published Authors

You have an AMAZING story to tell, instead you tell yourself you’re not ready to write it…

You believe your writing isn’t good enough to be published…

You don’t have a clue how to start writing let alone publish…

I’t’s ok. I completely understand. You’re not alone. I went through these limiting beliefs too. 

You’re probably feeling lost about how to start your writing journey and although these feelings may be holding you back, you know deep down that you’ve been called to share your story. I can help you release those fears so you start writing your first story.

Helping people write their own story became my mission after writing my own story, in particular for women who experienced pregnancy struggles. I realised that there were so many mothers experiencing grief that they turned to groups for support, not realising that they can help themselves to heal. For me, writing was my way of healing after the pregnancy losses I endured. 

You have your own reason for writing your story, maybe it’s for your own healing; to provide advice or guidance or share something you’ve learned so you can teach others. Whatever it is, your words will be relevant to someone in this world and as a result, you could change someone’s life. 

I am providing you with a platform and guidance for you to become a published author so you gain the confidence you need to start sharing your story online!

Becoming a published author doesn’t mean you have to write a book. If you have your story written anywhere online or in print, you are published!

Here's How I Can Help You Publish Your Story

Write your story on my blog

If you simply want to write and publish a short story,  complete an application form so I can be sure your story is a good fit for my blog and you know what is expected. If it is, submit your written story for review and if it’s suitable, I will add it to my blog! You will be able to leave your website address a social media link and include a photo. I will also share your story! You will instantly become a published Author!

Want to write your own book? No problem. I can help you start your writing journey so you won’t feel overwhelmed. I will  give you a step by step program that will have you breaking through any of those fears and doubts you have. You will start writing your story and have your own book self published within 12 weeks with support along the way!
I’ll publish for you

You’ve already written a book and need help publishing it? I have a small team to help you edit, design your cover and format your book for you, setup your own publishing accounts, (you get to choose) and upload your full book to the publisher on your behalf. I don’t take any royalties from the sale of your book and you own all the rights. (Please understand that I don’t do the marketing of your book however I can give you some guides). You will also get access to my writing and self-publishing Masterclass! Win Win! Your own ready to promote self written book to show off!