What’s your #1 Fear when it comes to Writing your Personal Story?

What’s your #1 Fear when it comes to Writing your Personal Story?

We all have a fear of something and whatever that fear is, overcoming it is to face it head on. You know , just do it!

Well, it's the same with writing your personal story. You have to start writing it. There is no other way to do it. Here are some ways you can do this without having a heart attack in the meantime.

1. Start a journal - write a little bit each day about your thoughts, and feelings and why you think you have that fear of writing your book.

2. Keep it to yourself - You don't have to share your story until you are ready to. Start writing, structure it so you you create an outline. You can download my free workbook - 3 Steps to Stucture your book

3. You don't really need to tell a story - Write quotes or poems that relate to you and your personal story.

4. Make it a novel - You can change names of people, use an alias, change locations etc.

5. Communicate with people - You can find groups on social media that have been through your experience, ask questions that will help you talk about your story and read other stories that relate.

6. Seek professional help if you've experienced trauma. It will help you open up to a trusted person and they can give you the best advice for your circumstances.

7. You can fix mistakes in a book so don't let that stop you from writing. An editor can fix it and help you make your book read well.

8. If money is a problem, start out writing an e-book. It costs virtually nothing to write and upload a book on Amazon and you can do pre-sales and sell your book for as little as 99c! The only out of pocket expense will probably be editing, cover designer and formatting if you need help with  it.

9. Learning how to write takes practice - Write it down. Read it so it makes sense, and you are not confusing your reader. Get someone else to read it for you. Two eyes are better than one. Then, get an editor to go through it properly.

10, If you think writing is too hard, record yourself telling your story. You can replay  it and sell it as an audio instead. Or get a ghostwriter to write it for you!

There are many ways to overcome fear of writing, but you really do have to start somewhere otherwise you never will and no-one will have that chance to read your story and be inspired by you.

Melissa Desveaux

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