Starting to Write is the Struggle

Starting to Write is the Struggle

Many people have said to me that starting to write is the struggle they have. They WANT to write a book but they get stuck, overwhelmed and question their ability to write so they give up before they even give it ago.

Is this you?

Writing a life story is fulfilling and it can help not only yourself but the many lives you touch that will read what you have written. 

If you follow a certain person say a celebrity or influencer online, many of them have written a book. Why? Because it shows credibility, authority and power. 

Because they know they can change the lives of people through written words. 

If you are someone like me, an introvert that really doesn't like being on the camera, how else will you get your message across? 

You have to write!

So it's not about being too hard to write, it's really about your priority and what it means to you. Or better, what it will mean to you once you get it out!

So you have to start from somewhere and you have to just give it a go.

And this comes to a part about looking up information for free to help you get started. Google “how to start writing a book” and you’ll find thousands of ways to do just that. Which one are you going to choose?

I can give you guidance on writing in a blog post or article but will you really take the time to read through the whole post and actually take action? Yes, maybe some of you will. Not all though..

And have you downloaded free e-books, workbooks or cheatsheets only to just discard them a few days later, but you are still on the mailing list that you don’t really know why you signed up in the first place? 

This was me all the time until I started spending money on things I wanted to learn.

With a book you are more likely to read it. And the simple reason is, most of the time, you will have to pay for it. Even if its an e-book that costs .99 cents, you will find the extra time to read it. You had to make a decision to get out your credit card to make the purchase in hope that it will be worthwhile right?

So, writing a book can be a struggle if you don’t know how but think of it as a benefit to your reader. A reader actually needs and wants to buy your book, not just skim through it like you might on a blog or article.

If you are serious about writing but feeling stuck I want to help you…

For just a short time, I'm opening up my course Write, Self-Publish & Empower to a few people. 

This course is not just about writing and self-publishing. 

You need a starting point so you can truly understand your purpose for writing, who your audience is and finally break free from your fears and self-doubts of writing your personal story. 

In this course, you will be given an easy step by step guide on how to start the process of writing, all the way through to self-publishing your book in 12 weeks!

You will learn how to identify you, your audience and overcome those fears and self-doubts.

You will know exactly what to write about because you'll gain clarity and a vision for your book.

You'll gain the confidence to start writing your book, edit, format and self-publish it using the tools and resources available.

And you will acquire new skills and knowledge on how to write more books. 

The course is delivered to you over 12 weeks so you don't skip a step and feel overwhelmed. 

Once you complete all the modules, you'll have unlimited access to it as well as a private membership group for support.‍‍

I want you to get serious about writing your personal story and get clear on your goals. 

There is so much opportunity out there after you write your story so why not start now? 

You can be helping the people that need your help

Become a public speaker

Open the doors of opportunity

Share your passion

Feel proud of your achievement

Yes, there is a small investment, because like I mentioned earlier, if you invest you will do the work. And you will do the work. I have already seen results from some of my students!

This offer ends on the 25th August!!

If you want in just click the link and get started. The price will increase after so don’t let this opportunity pass you! 

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