My Story

My Story

For the Author who has a story to share and feeling like writing it, is too much…

Keep this in mind. You’ve experienced life in a way only you can describe it and writing your story is the only way you feel you can share it right now.

You know that your story will be invaluable to your readers because just like you were, they are looking for answers they need.You have those answers.

You’re scared and overwhelmed though. You don’t know how to write your story and publish it without all of the hassle that comes along with publishing.

This is my message to you…

You have what it takes to become a published author. Don’t be afraid to write it, because there’s a world of opportunities waiting just for you. Most importantly, you will learn so much about yourself, gain clarity and increase your confidence!

Hi, I’m Melissa!

Born and raised in Sydney Australia, an Author, wife and mother of six – four angels and two boys, dedicated to getting you the title of a Published Author!

I’ve experienced three miscarriages and a stillbirth and it was the most tragic time of my life. My two boys brought happiness back into my life.

After I gave birth to my stillborn daughter, I didn’t know how to deal with my grief. The many days I was home I just cried, asking myself why did this happen to me again? 

So I thought, maybe I could create a book with her story and my previous miscarriage, to honour both pregnancies. That was the start of my writing and healing journey.

It wasn’t until my first son was born that I decided to write about my experience with pregnancy loss publicly, so I created a blog with each of my pregnancies.

This lead to me holding two online charity fundraisers to donate to charities that support families that have had early pregnancies or loss.

After my second son was born, I wrote, and self published my own memoir “My Life of Loss”. This is the book that started getting attention from media and even a charity organisation. I also spoke about my experience at an event.

In 2015 I started compiling another book of memoirs “Comfort for the tears Light for the way”written by women all around the world recounting their own personal struggles with pregnancy. This book has been donated to many organizations, libraries, hospitals and sold globally.

In addition to releasing this book, I’m a proud Australia Day award winner, for my dedication, commitment, and contribution helping families deal with pregnancy and infant loss. This on its own was an incredibly rewarding experience.

I have re-released my latest book ” Comfort for the Tears”, donated many copies and have written many articles and guides to help the pregnancy loss community. You can get all my books through my author website.

Why I started consulting

My personal life experience with pregnancy loss and starting a family has driven me to become a Consultant for Authors. 

I help Influencers become confident in writing their personal story so they can share their own message and change lives.

Writing is a powerful way to convey messages across hundreds of platforms worldwide.

I found the process of writing and self-publishing too confusing and overwhelming. I spent hundreds of hours jumping from one website to another trying to put all the pieces together but I’d end up getting frustrated!

My intention is making it easy for influencers to make an impact on the world by sharing their personal story, so they begin creating their own audience and become a credible expert in their industry. 

My self-publishing course may also help you get started on your writing journey. It includes becoming confident in starting writing your personal story to completing and publishing your book.

I also offer self-publishing help if needed so you can write your book and save time and the headache of going through the self-publishing process on your own.

Writing has been my inspiration to helping authors accomplish writing their own story and getting published because I know how difficult it can be.

If you need a little help writing your own book and become a published author, let’s connect!

With love Melissa