My Life Well Travelled

My Life Well Travelled

Hi, I’m Julie Warner, a mother to two teenage children, a wife, an entrepreneur and an avid traveller. I was born and lived in a small country town in South Australia until moving to New Zealand in 1993 after meeting my Kiwi husband whilst travelling in Europe on a Contiki tour of all places! And that is when all my travel adventures really begun!

Growing up in a rural area, travel and certainly overseas travel was not something that many people I knew ever really did. My own parents only ever travelled overseas a few times and travel was always seen as a luxury amongst our farming community. Once I started working, I had the urge to explore further afield, a real thirst to go on some adventures and see what else the world had to offer. I had very few friends who were interested in travel and none of my five siblings had ever been outside of Australia, it was something that just bubbled away inside of me, needing to see what else was out there.

My travel started with a few trips in Australia on my meagre hairdresser apprentice wage ($99 per week!) firstly to Melbourne, then my 18th birthday on the Gold Coast, followed by a tour around Tasmania and then when I was 20, it was time for the first overseas journey to Singapore.

Experiencing the different cultures, food, sights and of course shopping in Singapore gave me itchy feet and when returning home, I was determined to save up and go on a much longer trip. The planning process for that longer holiday was so enjoyable and gave me the motivation to keep saving so it would be the experience of a lifetime. I wanted enough money to be able to do everything on offer as I thought “Who knows if I will ever get to visit these places again”!

That 8-week journey around Europe, United Kingdom and Ireland was some of the best times I have ever had. It was mind blowing as I visited country after country where the history, languages, cultures, sites and food were so different to home. It was on my Contiki tour around Europe that I met my now Husband! After this trip, I knew that travel was in my blood and that it would be a very hard habit to break!

The sense of adventure travel offers and my thirst for knowledge of how other cultures live along with being a huge foodie are the reasons that travel has remained a huge part of my life. This love of travel is why I started a business where I could work every day immersed in my passion and to be able to share this with helping others plan their journeys is a joy and so much fun.

To think, on my first trip to Europe I thought that may be the only time I would experience these places and now, I have travelled to over 120 countries. I have been so fortunate to have accumulated all these experiences which now allow me to help others plan their travels. To allow me to share this travel advice to a wider audience, I have written two DIY travel guides based on all the planning and research for our 3-week holiday through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and our 10-week journey around South America. As well as these books, travel tips and advice blogs are now the key focus of my travel business and website and 2019 is the year I write more!

Since having children (they are now 15 and 17) travelling with them, creating irreplaceable memories as a family has been so rewarding. Children have a way of breaking the ice and people are drawn to them (especially when they are younger and in countries where they stand out with their fair skin and lighter hair colour). Visiting different cultures offers so many opportunities to shape children’s characters, as they mature travel instils in them the thirst for world knowledge. Understanding how other people live, the history of all these countries and knowing that while we all have differences, at the base level we are the same. We all have the basic needs of food and shelter and that family is important no matter where we come from. They have seen firsthand that although you may not have much money, it costs nothing to be kind and we have personally experienced such warmth and hospitality on so many occasions from people who are so much less fortunate than we are.

Travel has provided so many family holiday memories and some of them are truly priceless. They all come flooding back when I read through my travel diaries, or I look through the countless photos and watch some of the zillions of hours of video footage we have stored away. There is no doubt that travel is in my blood and always will be. Travel is the reason I work, so I can continue to explore this amazing planet of ours and this love of travel is why I write to share these wonderful experiences. Writing about my travels allows me to share this knowledge with others so they to have the confidence to plan their own amazing adventures and create their own treasured family memories.

The journey not the arrival matters – T.S. Eliot

Happy Travels

Julie Warner

Julie and her family Jeff, Chelsea and Aidan Warner at the Taj Mahal

Julie Warner – Travel Writer and Planner

Julie is a business owner of Julie Warner Travel Plans, author, not for profit business network group founder and facilitator (Independent Business Network Inc), wife and mother to a 17-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son.

Julie has personally travelled to over 125 countries mostly on independently organised trips with her husband and since 2001 with her children, who have been to over 55 countries. She has been formally providing travel advice through Julie Warner Travel Plans since 2006 utilising her unique “Broker” style service to locate the best travel deals for her clients.

In 2011 Julie published her first book in her travel planning series – Going Somewhere? and taking the kids! Our journey through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos which was a labour of love over a couple of years. The 2nd book in the series was published in 2017 – Going Somewhere: and taking the kids! Our journey through South America, 10 Countries in 10 Weeks.

Julie’s passion for travel sees her continually planning many trips for herself and her family both around Australia and all over the world. This personal experience and wealth of travel knowledge she has built up over 25+ years of travel allows her to assist others make their travel dreams a reality.

Julie looks forward to sharing all her knowledge and experience to assist you with planning your family trips and helping to create memories with your loved ones.

Happy travels to you all.


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