Author: Shadrack Moturi Magiya

We Improved Our Son’s Speech Delay

We Improved Our Son’s Speech Delay

It is normal for every parent to want his or her children to grow up in good condition, both physically and mentally.  However, whenever your toddler has some unhealthy conditions, they bring anxiety and stress when you discover your child has a medical challenge. 

Delayed speech commonly known is one of the conditions that you may notice in your child that can give you sleepiness nights.  

Before I tell you what we did to improve our child, let me share with you my account of experience my wife and I have gone through.

Five or so years ago, we were keen on taking our son for weekly therapy when we discovered  some constant unhealthy behaviours. It was not easy for sure, but we accepted the condition our beloved son had and we assured him we’d do everything possible to help him.


We spent time and commitment that was available to us to get things right on his health. 

We noticed this condition at the age of three because our son was behaving differently. He didn’t like to play with other children, he used signs to communicate, he loved to play alone and when visitors came to our house, he would run and hide in the bedroom.

Seriously, things were not right here, even the closest people in the neighborhood were subject to gossipers but we cared less with their criticism and behaviors because we knew no situation was permanent. Someday our son will be fine despite all these. 

Four years down the line , I thank God our son is not the same again. Things have drastically changed since our son has immensely improved. 

 He goes to school and for your information, the last exam he did he had awesome results. I’m bragging because God has answered the prayers. I can confidently say so. For instance,

  • He can respond to any call of nature at his pleasure
  • He is doing well academically.

I know you want to know what we did. Well, I’ll tell you. Below are the 5 things we did to improve his speech and everything is history.

Accepted the condition

When we realized our son had this condition, it was not good news. However, we discussed it as a couple and reached a decision. Accepting the truth was the only option. Yes, the boy had the challenge, but it’s not permanent.

We sought advice from different fields

After accepting, we never slept. We sought information from various people and health clinics that were nearby until we settled in one where we have been conducting the therapy from, every week to date.

Committed our time and money to his well being

We realized that if we cannot commit ourselves, we will end up in vain and hence give up.  So we knew we would spend money and time in the future, but nothing stopped us from achieving the solution. We both committed ourselves to this.

Got involved in his therapy sessions

Therapy was not going to be successful without our input. Therefore, we volunteered to not only check the clinic once every week but also doing the same at home. It was not easy but we had no choice but to do it.

 Prayed to God

The  alternative  to all the efforts we made was just carried by prayers – God above has just been working through us to demonstrate that nothing is impossible with HIM in HIM.

Another point to note, as much as more effort has been done to know the source and cure of this condition nothing much has so far been brought as a solution .

According to Autism Speaks, several factors may influence the development of autism. This may be accompanied by sensory sensitivities and medical issues.


I trust that if you follow the 5 things I did, you will overcome any barrier to beat this challenge for your child’s sake.

We ignored some people, who used to give us wrong advice and by standing by our own principles and accepting the situation  we have managed to move. Several steps on this therapy. 




Shadrack Moturi Magiya, 30-years-old, grew up in a middle class neighborhood, in the remote areas of western Kenya. He is a personal writer who enjoys writing stories, meditation and watching sport. He is kind and inspiring. He started writing after completing studies at local college on clearing and forwarding and yet to secured a job. Shadrack has an 6 year old son and enjoys spending time with his friends as well as playing tennis.