Author: Hunter Dan

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!

In October of 2011 I wrote my first poem titled A Hunter’s Prayer. The idea started from a line I had bouncing around in my mind for quite some time. I had always had the ability to write creatively but never applied it in a poetic form of expression. I worked on it all month long and when I was finished I was very proud of my accomplishment. I shared it with friends and family and everyone seemed to love it.         

Since that poem was a hit, I had another outdoorsy poem in mind since and I felt writing about nature was going to be my specialty. I completed I’m a Tree

I continued to write poem after poem but found other topics to write about that inspired me. I would print the poems and share them with everyone who would read them.                                                                          

Time went by and after 3 years I had quite a collection of poems. My wife at the time had been telling me to stop giving out my poems and publish a book. 

On February 23rd, 2014,  I entered a rehab because I had a drinking problem. I needed help because I couldn’t do it on my own. That rehab saved my life. I not only thought I wouldn’t be able to write sober, I wasn’t sure I would be able to do anything sober. It turns out I have written some incredibly inspirational pieces since, including Land of the Lockst which is a poetic story of my journey of recovery over a 3 week period. ( the title is Land of the Lockst, not a misprint).                       

 In December of 2014 we were divorced. I wrote more poems during that year, many about our relationship. They were truly a form of healing as I initiated the divorce but of course at times I second guessed my decision because like anyone would, I feared change and the unknown. 

2015 was a new beginning for me. I continued to write but that book of poems she suggested I publish, I did just that.          Inspirations and Emotions/ Seven Layers to the Truth was a proud moment for this small town Vermont boy. 

Late in 2015 while grocery shopping in a Walmart Supercenter, I ran into a friend I used work with and grew up with. She was shopping with her husband. We were talking about my book and I mentioned having this children’s book idea about bullying that inspired me as I witnessed an event I was a part of 4 years earlier while I was coaching basketball. I just needed an illustrator to work with. ” I’m an artist” she said and then showed me pictures of some of her work on her phone. I didn’t know she had artistic talent. ” Pam, let’s team up and do this” I asked her. Right there in Walmart in the frozen food section we shook hands and became a team. 

In 2016 we published Take the Bullying by the Horn’s and in 2017 I entered it in the Book Excellence Awards and it won for Children’s Inspirational/ Motivational. 

In 2018 at Pam’s request, we tackled an educational tool for parents and children that is likely the most difficult topic children will ever face. The death of a family member, a loved one or a pet. It’s Ok to Cry was done with grace, dignity and truth. We entered it in the 2019 Book Excellence Awards and it won for the Children’s Educational category.   

 Also in 2019 I published my first novel Rebel Reprieve. A project I started writing in 2013, writing about half but having a hard time finding time to complete it. It wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that I went away on summer vacation and secluded in a hotel with a goal of finishing this novel. 

On Thursday of that week at 12:25 pm, I wrote the end. I almost cried. I was so happy with how it came out.                            Then after having some publisher issues that were extremely frustrating throughout 2019, I entered Rebel Reprieve in the 2020 Book Excellence Awards and found out in early March it won for Adventure Fiction. I couldn’t be happier with how my books have turned out. 

Pam and I are working on two more books in the children’s series. The stories are written and in her magical hands to create her award winning illustrations.                                                          

Author Hunter Dan was born and raised in Vermont. I’m a father, grandfather, brother and a friend. I enjoy hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, exercise and time with family and friends. I enjoy writing and know that emotions are best laid out on paper.