Author: Aravind Kumar

My 7-Year Old Memory Lane

My 7-Year Old Memory Lane

My name is Aravind Kumar, I am 31 and I would like to write about my mom. 

This is the story of a boy who lost her mom to suicide when he was 6 years old in 1996. 

This is not to share my agony but to share the love for my mother and my gratitude for all the positive things she did for us.

She was a soldier when I was growing up, also the teacher and my priest and my biggest critic. 

Though she left us and this world without regret and without even letting us know. My fault, I did not have the courage to wake up and ask her when I heard her cry in the night.

Maybe she had enough. Maybe she was fighting the cynicism all on her own. Maybe she didn’t have the best of friendships. Maybe people feared her existence and rebelliousness. Maybe my dad wasn’t  a great husband. Maybe? Maybe? Maybe?

 Yes, here I am after 25 years with millions of questions that tear my soul.

 She was a beautiful girl who married the guy she loved. In a small town in India in1990’s, it’s probably the most courageous thing for a girl to ever do. On top of it, she was the rich girl who married a poor man. Well, she didn’t fear her family’s rejection. She didn’t fear losing her fortune. She did the reverse. She adjusted with that mere income of my dad. And brought us up with the best rituals we could ever remember.

 People around her didn’t make her feel safe and after she was gone, the same people took care of both my sister and me. They probably realized the loss, although too late.

I am thankful that I have been educated and looked after by her and my dad’s families. I am grateful that I have been given a life by my parents and I feel blessed that I have my memories with my mother.

It is just that I am pretty much confident that my mom would have made a best grandmother, we would have been the best duo ever. I still remember the 3 year old me going with her everywhere around the town without leaving the saree. Must have been overwhelming. She used to make us delicious indian sweets when we came home from school. 

 I’ve been posting tons of content on social media since 2010 hoping and wishing that at least one person will get into the perspective of positivity and living through the tough times. My mom made me positive.

And after all this, I am still thriving in my life because I am fortunate enough to live in the era we live in. I have travelled throughout India and have done my masters in Ireland. I have these two beautiful countries already. And I can’t wait to travel more often with joy and gratitude.

My name is Aravind K Thoomu, aka Arvind. I am an aspiring writer, a computing graduate, and  the best of interest in the food, beverage and restaurant industry. Customer service and bringing food on to the table makes my day extremely  fulfilling. 

Books and music are my secret solicitors. Cricket and dancing gets the best of my enthusiasm. 

I use social media for writing contextual articles and texts for now. Soon to articulate my words into a website form. A very happy millennial doing things that makes me look forward towards a fruitful future. 

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